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May 19, 2017

(VIDEO) Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry breakdown whether or not the recent Lavar Ball events are going to label him as a sexist. Ball's latest appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd to promote himself and Big Baller Brand turned into an argument with co-host Kristine Leahy and is one of the most awkward things we've seen on television.

May 18, 2017

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard talk about the ridiculous story a Texas man who is demanding a refund from his date after she texted while they were at the movies in Austin.

Brandon Vezmar filed a petition at a small claims court seeking $17.31 in damages.

He claims he spent that much money to take his unidentified date to a 3-D showing of "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2"

Alex and Ethan judge this situation for what it is and confess to the fact that women went on dates with them that were as disinterested as this woman.  Go Dutch if you don't want to be there.  

Shi Hailei is a tattoo artist in Shanghai China that is covering woman's csection scars for Free with tattoos if they would like.  The man said so many of the women that he knows with Caesarian scars would like to feel comfortable showing that part of their body again and his free tattoos are the way to do it.   

May 18, 2017

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard talk about the craziness of the money that is being battered about for the Floyd Mayweather and Conner McGregor Fight that is on the horizon.  Dana White announced last night that Conner McGregor has signed a contract to fight Mayweather, who is still perfect in his Boxing career.  The fight could make a reported $1Billion dollars via pay per view and ad sales.  The fighters will make roughly $500M of that money in one night.  The UFC and the Boxing worlds have clashed before but not like this. Money Mayweather?  Just what he needed more of.  Attention grabbing McGregor, just what he needed more of.  

Alex says these two blowhards deserve one another.  Two louder, more obnoxious fighters clashing has never happened.  We all win if they knock each other out and both retire.  Don't watch and don't support, says Alex.  Ethan loves a good bout.  

For a cool zenheadlines story of the day, it is no secret that Dutch King Willem-Alexander loves flying, but for the past 21 years, unbeknownst to many, he has been a guest pilot on flights for KLM Cityhopper and before that for Martinair.   Twice a month the king has flown passengers on regular commercial flights, most of whom have no idea who is co-pilot on their flight. Now the king is retraining to fly Boeing 737s so he can continue to fly for KLM because Fokkers are being phased out

May 18, 2017

Today's 'Zen Headline' is the story of Bryson William 'Verdun' Hayes, known as Verdun, who completed a record-breaking jump last week. He skydived for the very first time a year ago to celebrate his 100th birthday and it got us thinking, would we ever go skydiving? Ethan Millard's new life insurance policy says, absolutely not.

May 17, 2017

Joe Biden is set to speak at the Cornell University commencement later this month and because the Former Vice-President is such an ice-cream hound, he will have an official flavor named after him in the Cornell Dairy.  That leads Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard to discuss the USA's obsession with Ice Cream, the National Proclamation made by President Ronald Reagan back in 1984 commemorating National Ice Cream Month and National Ice Cream Day.  We Americans consume an ungodly amount of the frozen dairy dessert and it shows.  

A Musically inspired #zenheadlines story that brings full circle the death of a rock legend and who is replaced on tour with his own son.  

A little over a year after the death of Glenn Frey, the Eagles‘ member’s son Deacon is set to begin performing with the iconic band. Eagles co-founder Don Henley officially announced the news in a radio interview.

May 17, 2017

Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry open the show with a frightening reminder of the dangers of fentanyl, a powerful opioid that can be lethal even in tiny amounts.

A police officer in East Liverpool, Ohio, collapsed and was rushed to the hospital after he brushed fentanyl residue off his uniform, allowing the drug to enter his system through his hands. The officer had apparently encountered the opioid earlier in the day while making a drug bust.  Kids can order synthetic opiates so easily online from China or India that law enforcement is having a hard time keeping up.  
Plus, a zenheadlines story featuring Japan's Princess Mako who is giving up her royal status -- all in the name of love.  The Granddaughter of the Emperor of Japan, she will give up all of her rights as a Princess when she marries commoner Kei Komuro, a lawyer.  
May 17, 2017

Today we're bringing you an 'Animal Kingdom' that is leaving us baffled. Australian quarantine authorities have urged travelers through Asia to avoid bringing in amphibians after an Australian man arrived at an airport with a dead Indonesian toad in his shoe and we don't even know where to start. We know Australia is known for it's strange stories relating to animals but this is even a lot for us.

May 16, 2017

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard talk about how many school systems categorize sunscreen as an over-the-counter medication requiring special paperwork, but several states have been pushing to loosen restrictions to make it easier for kids to protect themselves from skin cancer.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, signed a bill into law this month allowing students to use sunscreen at school without notes from a doctor and parent. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, enacted a similar measure late last month, following Utah in March. Oregon, Texas and New York have also freed students to use sunscreen in recent years. California did it back in 2002.

The #zenheadlines feature a story of a man who had a long lost love letter from his wife during world war II returned to him in Norway.  The couple was married for more than 65 years and though she passed away 6 years ago, the husband, now 96 got to read the love letter from 72 years ago.  

May 16, 2017

Stores can’t keep them in stock. Parents are scrambling to find them. And some schools have banned them.

The mania for fidget spinners — the 3-inch twirling gadgets taking over classrooms and cubicles — is unlike many other toy crazes. They’re not made by a major company, timed for the holiday season, or promoted in TV commercials. They’re more easily found at gas stations or 7-Eleven than at big toy chain.  Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard talk about the craze and whether or not teachers should ban them or use them as a nice little cure for ADD and ADHD.  Alex says its like the old pog or guibauld jean craze.  Let it run its course and it'll be fine.  

Plus, Nicki Manaj continues to be Ethan Millard's guiding light as she has now posted that she has committed to paying more tuition, books and other school fees for Fans.  


May 16, 2017

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard are back to bring you a 'Zen Headline' with pizza galore. A pie delivery man in Delaware got an order from a stalled Amtrak train from New York on its way to Washington and saves the day for a select few. The only question we really have is how much did he get tipped after the adventure?

May 15, 2017

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard discuss a hungry passenger aboard an Amtrak train en route to Washington, D.C. got a much-needed boost from a dedicated pizza delivery man on Sunday afternoon.

Mitch Katz tweeted that he got "hangry," after more than an hour of waiting on a stalled train when he dialed up a local pizza restaurant and ordered a delivery.

The game delivery man traversed an embankment before locating Katz's car and completing the transaction.  Its the #zenheadlines story of the day.  

May 15, 2017

Alex Kirry joins us again and in honor of being back, we offer a special 'Judge Alex Kirry' story that is too sweet to handle. A thief ended up stealing a work trailer in Jonesboro, Arkansas and it was packed with Little Debbie snack cakes but what is more despicable is not a single one was eaten. Alex believes there should be no jail time but mental hospital time for the act.

May 15, 2017

Alex Kirry returns to the program after adding child #5 to the ranks and Ethan Millard rolls out a creepy Animal Kingdom story that involves a man unknowingly squishing a toad in his shoe before getting on a flight to Australia.  This Black-Spine toad could be devastating to the food chain in Australia if it were to make it there alive and breed.

Plus, A British World War II Vet, at 101 years old becomes the Guinness Book of World record holder after a tandem dive.  Verdun Hayes breaks record by completing tandem skydive with three generations of his family in Devon, England.


May 13, 2017

Our 'Zen Headline' today is brought to us by Mashable and we're looking at the best way to avoid traffic for your early morning commutes, or is it? KSL Traffic Center's Andy Farnsworth joins us to be the realist and highlights the disillusion of such a concept as an accident free commute.

May 12, 2017

(VIDEO) We're joined by KSL's Andy Farnsworth again and we're breaking out another 'Animal Kingdom'. If you missed our segment yesterday of an unfortunate goose being struck by lightning, then we have an alternative video but along the same lines. This time, it comes from a golfer on the fairway and right when he tees off, an unsuspecting duck flies into the frame, and is quickly hit by the golf ball. 

May 12, 2017

Today's 'Zen Headline' is one targeted straight for the feels. Janith Goedde, an 80-year-old great-grandmother from Indiana celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary by trying on her original wedding dress. The fact that her and her husband have been married for 60 years is definitely inspiring but Ethan Millard thinks married couples are just too stubborn to die before one another, magically explaining the longevity.

May 11, 2017

This topic came via Jon Accarrino on Twitter.  It's a video featured by Brian Koerber on Mashable.

A dash cam shows lightning strike near the car and then a dead goose falls from the sky, right in front of the car.  It was crazy.

Ethan Millard and visiting co- host Taylor Powers then got thinking:  Should the driver have taken the goose home?

There are a few rules about using road kill.  We found them at

The Zen Headline for this segment is from Kelsey Borresen at Huffington Post.  Janith and Joe Goedde were married in Haubstadt, Indiana sixty years ago.  This year they're celebrating their anniversary and Janith busted out her old wedding dress.  It still fit!

If you have a Zen Headlines to submit, use #zenheadlines.  We'll credit you in the show.


May 11, 2017

(VIDEO) We've got KSL's Taylor Powers in place of Alex Kirry while he's out and Ethan Millard has a video that can only be summed up by the YouTube title, "Cooked Goose". While the video is extremely interesting, we have questions, preferably in the realm of roadkill. At this point, is the goose safe to eat? How soon could you wait to eat something laying on the side of the road? has us covered with the "8 Rules of Roadkill".

May 11, 2017

You never want to end your day unhappy so we’re bringing you one of the best celebrity ‘Zen Headline’ we’ve seen. She was having a contest on twitter and ended up paying tuition for a group of fans. We love everything about this and it’s nice to see a celebrity going above and beyond to support education and actually committing to her word, paying thousands of dollars over the course of the day.

May 11, 2017

Park City, Utah police are looking for a con man named Daniel David Courson. He is accused of robbing an elderly rich man he befriended in Tustin, California.

Now police say he's in ritzy Park City, home to multi millionaires and even the odd billionaire.

Ethan Millard and visiting co- host Dave Noriega discuss whether, all things being equal, it's worse to steal from a poor person verses a rich person.

Our Zen Headlines was submitted via Twittery by Turds & Treats (@turdsandtreats).

It was a Huffington Post story by Jenna Amatulli about Eve Ewing of Chicago who found a lost dog and went above and beyond to find the owner.

Great story!

If you have a Zen Headline, share it with us using #zenheadlines.  We'll give you credit!

May 10, 2017

Some people are upset at the Morgan County, Utah Sheriff's Department.  Others are cheering them on.

Ethan Millard and visiting host Dave Noriega of KSL TV talk about the joke the Sheriff's office posted to Facebook.  They said the local meth was tainted with Zika and then offered to visit users at their home for free testing.

Lots of people thought it was funny.  Others have no sense of humor.  Laura Michalski of the Fourth Street Clinic in Salt Lake City said she thinks it's wrong to let people think they can get Zika from meth. 

But honestly, who would ever believe that?

The Zen Headlines segment features a story submitted by Jon Accarino on Twitter.

Carter Wilkerson (@carterjwm) hit up Wendys on Twitter with a proposition.  He wanted free nuggets for a year, Wendys agreed if he could get 18million retweets.

That's a tall order, but he has hit 3.5million, enough to set a global retweet record for Twitter.  The previous record was held by Ellen DeGeneres who picked up 3.4million retweets of her Oscars photo featuring her, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Spacey, and others.

If you have a Zen Headline to share, use #zenheadlines and we'll give you credit.

May 10, 2017

(VIDEO) Andy Farnsworth steps in place for Alex Kirry to discuss a highly controversial topic with Ethan Millard. Is there a moral problem with being a luxury car owner? Does the brand itself, bring a moral issue within the communities? We go over a couple cases where there are some clear facts that may alter your opinion.

May 9, 2017

Google keeps track of everything and never forgets.  They posted a spreadsheet that exposes the cost questions that people ask across the country.  "How much does a _ cost?"

Ethan Millard and visiting guest host Taylor Powers discuss what they learn about the different states in our union.

Thanks Rocco Impreveduto (@RoccoImp) for the heads up on that great topic.

The Zen Headlines segment was teed up for us by another Twitter listener, Holly Barraclough (@hollyhaider).  

It's an ABC News story by Eliza Murphy about Horace Sheffield of Barnesville, Georgia.

He's 88 years old and just finished his college degree.  He gives a lot of credit to his tutor Amanda Brannock who walked with him across the stage at Shorter University.

If you have a Zen Headline, share it with us with #zenheadlines.  We'll give you credit!


May 9, 2017

How do you keep burglars out of your home?  Don't ask a police officer, ask a robber!

That's what Mike Headrick & Tania Mashburn of KSL TV did.  They talked to a man serving time in Utah State Prison and asked for tips to fight against people like him.

In this episode, Ethan Millard and visiting co- host Taylor Powers discuss some of the tips and tricks.  Basically, keep your doors locked and get a dog.

The Zen Headlines segment features a story submitted via Twitter by Travis Oleikan (@TOleikan).

It was a Mashable article by Yvette Tan about a four year old orangutan that was being kept in a tiny box in Indonesia.  He was rescued by International Animal Rescue (IAR) and officials from the West Kalimantan forestry department.

The orangutan is named Kotap and they think he'll eventually be able to be released into the wild.

If you have a Zen Headline, please share it with #zenheadlines.  We'll give you credit! 

May 9, 2017

David Obuchowski wrote a very interesting (and true) story on Jalopnik about a man's obsession with BMW cars. Terrance was so obsessed with the old 2002 BMWs that he embezzled money from his company. He served time in prison and it ruined his marriage.

This led the conversation to the other BMW owner misdeeds, notably things like hit and run crashes. Is there a moral issue with owning BMW? Ethan Millard and Andy Farnsworth decide there is not, it just attracts young brash drivers.

Ethan found the Zen Headlines story at Huffington Post. Rebecca Shapiro related the amazing story of Nicki Minaj paying thousands of dollars of education related bills and expenses for her fans. She did it all over Twitter!

TMZ verified the money has been sent out. Very impressive.

If you have a Zen Headline, share it with us using #zenheadlines. We'll give you credit in the episode!

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