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Oct 31, 2016

We took a break from the arduous task of podcasting to do some trick or treating around the building.  Not everyone was in costume, but EVERYONE had candy.

We also cover the candy poll at (which they stole from us then ruined)

Obviously Reeses Peanut Butter Cups won with Snickers a solid second.

Some things don't change.

We also debate whether licorice is the ultimate Halloween candy



Oct 31, 2016

Rich people always say money doesn't make you happy, but it turns out they were just trying to be nice to us.  New science shows it really DOES make us more happy.

Plus, we talk about the conflict between service animals and severe dog allergies in the classroom.  A family is headed to the Supreme Court after their child's school tried to bar a service dog and instead use a staff member to handle specific needs for the child.

And we talk about the Icelandic Pirate Party, which could be an option for disaffected Americans.

Bjork makes a special appearance.  Alex isn't happy about it.

In Zen Headlines, we talk about the dog who survived for a month in a burned out home.  He found a bag of dog food so he was totally fine.

And we pay tribute to the refugee who paid tribute to Tom Cruise once he received his new dentures.



Oct 31, 2016

There are some Halloween pitfalls you should be aware of, at least a few celebrities are already apologizing for their costumes

Plus, Alex has some stories to tell about Halloween at his neighborhood school

Hugging the referee is "unsportsmanlike" in the NFL where they apparently weren't shown enough love as children

And we talk about how dangerous Bridal Veil Falls is


Oct 30, 2016

Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry are back with more episodes Monday-Friday but for this bonus weekend edition, Alex joined Brian Martin of Utah's Morning News for his weekend show "Life of Brian" to chat about what it took this time around to lose weight and keep it off.  From mental health to physical health Alex gets real and open about it all.  Thanks for listening!  

Oct 29, 2016

Alex Kirry and Dave Noriega Filled in this week for the JayMac News Show and that was a big mistake by KSL because Dave exposed a massive conspiracy about the Bermuda Triangle.  While Science says they have figured out what the cause of ships and planes to be gobbled up in this scary place is, These guys aren't buying it.  

Oct 28, 2016

Ever driven by one of those speed traps and felt that sinking feeling "oh man, I'm busted" as you brake too late?  Well, Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard share some new science in driving that shows that these speed traps are actually more dangerous than helpful to the general driving public. 

Oct 28, 2016

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard talk today on the show about the ambitious plan of one pharma company to make it normal for humans to live 100-125 years. 

Oct 27, 2016

Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry are in waaaay too deep with this Mormon Mafia thing.  Lou Dobbs nailed it.  Not only are Mormons taking over the election in Utah and ruining it for the entire GOP, they are leaving their signature choloate chip cookies on your door step as a warning.  Believe Fox News when they tell you that the Mormon Mafia is coming for you!

Oct 27, 2016

A short tribute to Dead Or Alive singer Pete Burns

A longer conversation on the skinny ties of the 80's and how they're falling out of style now for the second time in our lives.

In other fashion news, Sea World Orlando has made a special wet suit for a penguin that lost her feathers.  That's the least they can do since she can't leave the park.

And we review a list of terrible (awesome) excuses to miss work.

PLUS we launch an effort to save the American Pika, the most adorable animal in the west. 


Oct 26, 2016

We decided that a bonus episode of only Zenheadlines was a good thing and boy were we totally right.  A Kid who sews teddy bears for other sick kids everyday, a grandfather who collected pirates treasure for his grand kid hits the jackpot and a woman who didn't want to hit the jackpot so she could teach her husband a lesson hits the jackpot.  We've hit the jackpot by having you as our listener.  Thank you.  Tell a friend, teach a neighbor 

Oct 26, 2016

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard chat about how future dead bodies of people we send into space could seed life on other planets.  Complicated bacteria and organic matter could live for thousands of years in the right environment.  Plus, finding outerworldy transmissions may have already happened and we didn't even know it and finally a couple of needed ZEN headlines. 

Oct 26, 2016

A few minor cubs related headlines and observations including that the Cleveland Indians lose just as much as the Cubs

Plus we talk about laughter and social status.  Apparently laughter communicates dominant and subjugate positions in society.  Have you ever laughed at a joke told by your boss?  That's what we're talking about.

We play some very, VERY carefully edited clips from Goodfellas to make the point.  Is there any better laugher than Ray Liotta?

And in the best election news of they year, new polling shows people are starting to ignore the election in their social media use.  It's for the best.



Oct 25, 2016

Technology is amazing and wonderful and life-changing and totally scary sometimes.  Amy Iverson from joins Alex for a bonus episode on making sure what happened to the 11 year old in Ogden doesn't happen to you.  The apps and online chat places your kids could be hanging out and snooping as a full-time parenting deal.  She's the best.  

Oct 25, 2016

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard chat about one teen in Georgia who awoke from a coma he recieved after being kicked in the head at a soccer match he played in, and was suddenly fluent in Spanish.  Goodbye Rosetta Stone, just kick me in the head! Plus, Chicago Cubs fans are so glad they are in the World Series to take on the Cleveland Indians that they aren't going to watch the games.  You know, because they love their team.  The guys explain.  

Oct 25, 2016

Despite the negative press that we've seen over the last 18-24 months over police interaction with the public, support is up for the men and women in blue and that's a good thing.  The Chilean President has a massive fail at the voters booth in her country and how PokemonGo can bring peace and harmony to the world.  

Oct 24, 2016

An airline in Hawaii has won the right to weigh passengers ahead of a particularly difficult flight across the pacific.

Apparently passengers have been under reporting weight and that is causing safety issues.


Oct 24, 2016

Thank you for making The Nightside Podcast a success!  In this episode we briefly celebrate a major milestone,

And talk about the declining gas prices.  Hooray!

We preview a new bike lock that makes would be thieves vomit (literally) and discuss some of our most humiliating moments of sick and the time Alex's bike was stolen at work.

For Zen Headlines, we talk about the ice cream sundae in Ludington Michigan that broke a world record and

Science says dogs mostly dream about their owners.  They can't know for sure but they're pretty sure that's what happens.


Oct 24, 2016

 A US vigilante took down a major Russian government website over the weekend to retaliate against Russia's hacking of the US.

Former FBI agents have named him "The Batman of The Internet"

And China rolls out a "Social Credit Score".  Maybe we should use this in the US?  It rates you as a person.

And we talk about the problems of having your desk too close to your boss.  In our case, for years our boss could see our computer screens from his desk!

We review the work of two journalists who went without bathing for a month and decided it's actually a great thing to do!

And we roll out the new paleo skin care line featuring an amnio spray for your hair

Oct 23, 2016

Research says letting your teen sleep in is waaay better for their health than you waking them up early to mow the lawn or go to school.  Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry say, let them sleep in and then become the next generation of kids to live in their parents' basement.  Also, Counting your Governor Herbert blessings.  

Oct 23, 2016

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard open up the considerable Nightside Food Budget to experiment with the foods that kept us all alive as kids when Mom and Dad weren't around and we had to get creative.  These homemade comfort foods that listeners also suggested boggle the mind, tingle the senses and fill the belly, if you can keep them down.  

Oct 20, 2016

This episode features big time international news

Another North Korean rocket failed, but there is good news as well:  North Koreans love the new cigarette smoking chimp in the Pyongyang zoo!

The Philippines announces it has 'separated' from the US.  Did the US even know you were dating?

And an Australian government office flies to a Paris conference on how to save money.

Another airline is trying out a 'no child' section.  Don't they know First and Business Classes are already childless zones?

Alex Kirry points out the hypocrisy of his dog- allergic child having to suffer through the presence of a childless adult's fake service animal on a plane because the owner is too lazy/ cheap to fly correctly.

Oct 20, 2016

Half of US adults are on some sort of law enforcement facial recognition program.  Where did they get the photos?  Probably casinos.

Plus, Elon Musk says by the end of 2017 Tesla will have "Level 5" automation meaning your car can pick you up in LA and drop you in NYC then park itself without you ever touching a thing.

For #Zenheadlines, Alex celebrates the sweet smell of justice with the arrest of a frat boy accused in an aerosolized flatulence prank.

And here's a silver lining story:  The hurricane in Bermuda brought in a 14 pound lobster for two fishermen.  They took photos then released it.  Very zen.

Oct 19, 2016

Things start off on a chilled out note with a rare early #zenheadline but things quickly go south when Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard start discussing the amount of school fundraisers that we participate in as parents.  Really, its just Alex who asked that out and was censured by parents for even questioning it.   

Oct 19, 2016

A sweet little boy brings lunch to school everyday for a friend who's family has hit hard times.  Also, a poll suggests that each state has a variety of preferences when it comes to sugary treats on All Hallows Eve, but Utah's pick is reprehensible. How a tiny town in Alaska is saved by dogs and reducing the methane gas output by cows is as simple as feeding them a snack out of the ocean.  

Oct 18, 2016

As titled.

ALSO, we briefly discuss whether the obviously totally real clown problem is more pronounced in rural or urban settings.

PLUS, have we seen this before?  Yes, and not just in our nightmares.

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