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Dec 30, 2016

A Russian man drive his car through an airport to a train platform.  He was drunk (obviously) but also in love.  He was meeting a girl at the train.

People do crazy things for love.  Edward VIII of England gave up his throne for love.  Alex Kirry has been watching The Crown on Netflix and is way obsessed with the royal family.  He things they should skip Charles, Prince of Wales and instead crown William and Kate.  Weird thing to have an opinion on.

We also talk about a woman in Elizabethton Tennessee who left her million dollar fortune to animal causes. 

Some people leave their estate to individual animals.  Is there any sweeter gig than to manage the million dollar estate of a dog?   

Ethan Millard also confesses to accidentally spoiling Rogue One for a friend.  Ethan is a big mouth who won't shut up.

Dec 30, 2016

None of our kids got what was the hottest toy for Christmas 2016: Hatchimals.

They hatch out of an egg and make noises.  Some parents are hearing noises they say sound suspiciously like the F word...

Disney sometimes has this problem, don't they?  Remember Aladdin?

We also remember the time PG movies had lots of nudity in them.  Is it possible we are more culturally conservative than we used to be?

Alex Kirry's son got Cheetos for Christmas, his son's friend got an XBox One.  That sounds fair 

We also talk about a man in Minnesota who paid his parents $1,500 overdue book fee after they died.

And we chat for a few minutes about LaVell Edwards, famous football coach at Brigham Young University.  Alex's father in law played for LaVell at BYU

Dec 29, 2016

If you want to meet Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Celine Dion, Janet Jackson, MC Hammer, Fleetwood Mac,  you should be Gary Michaels old school rock dj from 103.5 The Arrow in Salt Lake City.

A few memories:

The amazing cologne that MC Hammer wore

How cool Michael Bolton was (we celebrate his entire catalogue)

Mick Fleetwood's broken leg

Getting fatherly advice from Mac Davis of Charlie Daniels Band 

He also shares a wish list of new tours including Robert Plant, Roger Waters, David Gilmore, Journey


Dec 28, 2016

A leaky pipe created an opportunity for six men to escape prison.  Four are still at large.

What a Christmas gift for the community!

Plus, 7-11 beat Amazon in the drone delivery game!

Dec 28, 2016

Cinnabon blew it with their twitter tribute to Carrie Fisher

And a German town is evacuated for a Christmas morning WW2 bomb disposal

Dec 27, 2016

Jasen Lee from the "Voices of Reason" podcast and Deseret News talks about the time he had to intervene when someone was using the "N" word on the train. And what it's like being an African American in a predominately white state like Utah.

Then Ethan Millard asks a bunch of "curious white guy" questions.

Dec 23, 2016

A Burger King location in Miami is exchanging Christmas gifts for Whoppers.  If you have a gift you didn't want, bring it to that one location on Dec 26 and get a whopper in exchange.  The gifts will benefit Miami Children's Initiative.

Kirk and Heather Openlander have been married for 16 years.  She has polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and for Christmas, he's giving her a kidney.  Jason Wellen and Surendra Shenoy performed the operation at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.


Dec 23, 2016

They celebrate Christmas in Pyongyang, North Korea.  Kim Jong is the only one who gets candy.

We also talk about work gifts.  The most hated get the most gifts.  It's the traditional power dynamic.  One gift was left in our studio.  It says "To Thompson From Lance" so we're taking it home.


Dec 22, 2016

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard wonder why no one tried to stop that awful JCPENNY Shopper from her racist tirade against the other women in line at the store.  The store failed, the other shoppers failed and she failed big time when it comes to Christmas Spirit.  

Also, President Elect Donald Trump reportedly denied John Bolton the Secretary of State job for, among other failings, having a bad mustache.  Would Tom Selleck's mustache have made the cut?  


Dec 22, 2016

Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry marvel at how many tattoos are on young people these days and their co-worker, Millennial Josh, agreed to have a picture of the Chinese character on his back analyzed to see if it really means what he actually thinks it means.   

Dec 22, 2016

BONUS CONTENT: The Nightside Project is always happy to help a friend, so when Jay Mcfarland came to Alex Kirry asking for help understanding a woman's racist rant at a Kentucky shopping mall, Alex turned to his good friend, Santa Claus. The jolly old elf knows what everyone wants for Christmas -- even those who are prejudiced. 

Dec 21, 2016

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard are in awe of the Utah men recently chronicled in their personal stories of joining Kurdish forces to fight ISIS in Syria.  Leaving behind families, facing unimaginable peril to fight alongside soldiers who don't even speak their language but that share the same desire to rid this earth of terrible scum terrorists.   

Dec 21, 2016

Alex Kirry's wife ruined this episode by buying caffeine free diet dr. pepper.  An update to the illegal fireplace activities in Alex's house while Ethan Millard tries to convince the police to give him a ticket.  Also, a man down the street just canceled Christmas by throwing his family Christmas Tree into the street, presumably to teach his kids a great lesson in being terrible Grinches.   

Dec 21, 2016

The final poll results are coming in as has had a worthless bracket to find the worst Christmas music of all time.  Ethan Millard laments the millennials at and Alex Kirry wonders if we are just too lazy to stop playing the non-christmas songs that exist.  

Richad Marx helps subdue a passenger on a Korean Air flight.  

Spoiler Alert! Ethan won't stop talking about Star Wars movie that isn't a star wars movie.

Dec 21, 2016

Alex Kirry's wife ruined this episode by buying caffeine free diet dr. pepper.  An update to the illegal fireplace activities in Alex's house while Ethan Millard tries to convince the police to give him a ticket.  Also, a man down the street just canceled Christmas by throwing his family Christmas Tree into the street, presumably to teach his kids a great lesson in being terrible Grinches.   

Dec 20, 2016

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard talk about the worst games to play during the holidays but none is worse than the classic Monopoly which the makers, Hasbro, recognize causes major family strife during the holiday season.  So much so that they have opened a phone line that will be used as a resource for frustrated players who feel like they were cheated.  A neutral arbiter will settle arguments but the reality is, cheaters will cheat regardless of what a phone game board referee has to say.   

Dec 20, 2016

Greg Reed from Security Services Federal Credit Union joins Ethan MIllard and Alex Kirry to chat about the Christmas scamming season as predators prey on people who are willing to give, or think that they are receiving a big chunk of cash.  He also talks about the biggest scams like the fraud the scammers on tried to pull on Alex recently.  

Bank robberies are up during the holidays as crooks try to find ways to get cash during a tough time of the year.  

Dec 20, 2016

Alex Kirry tells Ethan Millard the consequences he's living for burning a wood fire at his home which Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County frowns upon.  As soon as he mentioned it on social media the Police followed him on twitter and instagram.

  Also, a frozen elderly women in a car over night turns out to just be a mannequin used to train medical staff.  The fire department in this little town got some nice practice breaking the mans car window to get what they thought was a real dead body but was probably his HOV lane mannequin.  


Dec 19, 2016

The Christmas Carol bracket is in its final few rounds.  The only ones left are

Brenda Lee — “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Bing Crosby and David Bowie — “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy

Nat King Cole — “The Christmas Song

Johnny Mathis — “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Bing Crosby — “White Christmas

Gene Autry — “Here Comes Santa Claus

Frank Sinatra — “Have Yourself A Merry Christmas

Josh Groban — “O Holy Night

Dec 19, 2016

If you loved Alex's story about diving the dumpster behind Provo Bakery, you'll love hearing about FoodForAll, a new mobile app that will help you order leftover unsold food from restaurants.  Set to release in Boston and New York City in the summer, it lets restaurants set a price for food it would otherwise throw out.  We first saw this story thanks to Sarah Ruiz- Grossman at Huffington Post.

We also address a few tweets that have come our way, including one from Kyle Maguire who took Ethan Millard to task for referring to Orem and Provo Utah as "small towns".


Dec 19, 2016

 Collette Divitto is a talented baker who was unable to find work at a bakery (people won't hire her because she has Down Syndrome, can you believe that!?).  So she struck out on her own and is seeing amazing success.  It's a great story first reported by Ryan Kath at WBZ Boston (@RyanKath)

Check out her cookies at Collettey's

She is also trying to build a business that can employ people with disabilities that other companies refuse to hire.

We also share the story of some neighbors who saved Christmas by chasing away thieves stealing Christmas gifts in Polk County, Florida.

And a woman in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania stole a baby Jesus from a nativity and turned it in to the hospital as a joke.  She left a note saying it was not being cared for properly.

Dec 19, 2016

Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard discuss exactly zero spoilers of the new star wars release and also delve into holiday food first world problems.  We haven't seen Rogue One Star Wars yet but we have bought most of our christmas gifts.  

Dec 18, 2016

Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry are astonished by a drone with a flamethrower on it which could be an amazing gift for Christmas.  And express disappointment when a man is ticketed for giving money to a homeless man.  

Dec 17, 2016

An old look to last year at this time when Sheriff Jim Winder called the druge problem in Utah a Heroin Tsunami.  An interview with Dr. Terry Sellars about spotting addiction problems in loved ones.  

Dec 16, 2016

With Rogue One now out and bringing Christmas cheer to all the good little Jedis and Wookiies out there, Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry have a bonus session of first world problems to keep you entertained on your weekend before Christmas week. Star Wars Theme stuck in your head?  Us too.  

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